The importance of lighting a relief sculpture is most apparent in a plaster cast but is equally important for a bronze cast. Proper lighting needs to be a strong directional overhead light that falls across the sculpture not direct head-on or ambient light and never a dark corner.



These bronze plaques are complete with hangers welded to the back. Depending on the size/weight of the sculpture it can be hung on a wall with simple nail or sturdier hardware attached to a wall stud. Optionally each can be displayed on a table easel or mounted in a traditional wood frame. Some have even inset them into wood doors.


Finished bronzes are sealed with Carnauba or similar wax. This blocks water from intruding into the pours of the metal and protects the patina (color). Bronzes exposed to weather should be re-waxed as needed but indoor displayed works need no maintenance. Dust or spillage can be cleaned with simple water and mild soap. Do not use any abrasives or solvents to clean!


Stuff happens. Don’t panic. Contact the artist to assist you in repairing your artwork.

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