Snake Oil


Do you ever feel sad, tired, achy or hungry? Do you often hiccup or yawn? These could be serious signs of fatal normality. Ask your doctor if Snake Oil is right for you. Snake Oil will make you impossibly attractive, infinitely thinner and everyone around you will want to be you. You will immediately feel like a super hero and will save the world from your sofa. Take Snake Oil everyday and you will live forever and never go bald. What you say? There is nothing in the bottle you say? Ah, that’s the beauty of our exclusive new formula. Simply inhale the air from the bottle and all your cancers will be cured. Buy now and we’ll include two extra month’s supply for free. Call today!

9" x 6" x 3"
Bronze, glass, ink on cork; limited edition of 10


© Heidi Wastweet 2017