This section gives away all my secrets!

The most common question I get is "How do you do that?" I believe strongly in sharing information and sculpture techniques openly with other sculptors and anyone interested in knowing more. Over time I'll add more to this section. If there is something you want to see included, email me with your suggestions and you may see it turn up here. Click on the links to learn more!

Time-Lapse Bas Relief Sculpture — YouTube

Sculpting Freedom Girl — YouTube

Carving Letters — YouTube

Additive Technique in Clay — YouTube

Follow the Bas-Relief & Lost Wax Casting Process

Coin Sculpture Process in Clay

Sand Casting a Large Relief

Care for and Lighting the Relief

Examples of Resource Materials Compared to Final Product

Examples of Many Common Varieties of Coins and Medals

Watch Your Language

Pouring Plaster Reliefs

Simple Patina on Bronze

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